About Victor Ramos

Victor Ramos is a 20-something year old who lives in Washington Heights, New York City with his girlfriend and a cat. Victor graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the City University of New York – John Jay College, majoring in Political Science and a  minor in Anthropology. Although he loves political theory, philosophy and studying cultures, Victor always had an interest in technology and social media. These interests morphed into a passion when, in 2008, he cofound a digital media company with a focus on delivering news and content to people with rather “nerdy” interests which included comics, movies, technology, anime and video games. His efforts for “Way of the Nerd” brought in thousands of monthly page views and gained the staff access to various events across the many industries they covered.

Currently, when not otherwise engaged in the never ending process of learning, Victor spends time within the growing cryptocurrency community as an enthusiast and trader of bitcoin and altcoins. Through this, he has acquired an interest in learning more about various traditional financial markets and instruments, particularly the Forex market.

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